Included in most Packages: Website Templates!

Have a Professional Looking Site in Minutes!

Within the Fantastico Module in our Control Panel you can use the 'Templates Express' software to install a professional looking template for a website in minutes. What you can then do is use the Frontpage Extensions on the server to personalise this site quickly and easily. We can provide basic instructions on the use of Frontpage if needed. Simply contact us once you are ready to get started! We can also provide you with an additional DVD ROM containing 3.4 gigabytes of templates and graphics to assist you with your website creation. These are simply graphics and templates we have collated over the years and customers have found this a useful tool in web design. We offer this DVD for a charge of £2.99. The £2.99 simply covers our administration costs in copying and sending the DVD out. If you want a copy of this DVD simply send £2.99 to our Paypal Address, give us your address: and we will do the rest.

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Included in all Packages