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Jason Fletcher - Website Administrator, Message board Administrator, Server Management

Me, Well.. What can i say? My name is Jason and i have been designing website for the last 4 or 5 years. I started making website's in the grand old way of free. Pay nothing... loose nothing.

I went from a typical bored teen, to a website administrator in a matter of months.
I started working alongside a company that hires out limousines in about April 2007.

I opened Fletcjas.com in recent months, which I have been working on in my spare time, while studying ICT at A-level in 6th form.

I work on many website, Both for charities and Companies.
I designed a PHP Control panel for the fletcJas.Com servers and am working on improving it.

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Paul Shepherd - Message Board Administrator

Paul is an 19 year old amateur web designer, who spends half his time fiddling with php coding, and the rest of his time trying to fix it! He's fairly literate in HTML, and has made a vow that by Christmas '08, he'll have at least a basic knowledge in php.

A heavy metal enthusiast, Paul has also decided that by Christmas '08 he'll be a legendary guitarist, but the distinct lack of guitar makes that quite hard!

Paul runs or owns several website's, the most prominent of which is Warp Storms, though his most recent work in progress is an Iron Maiden fan site, co-owned with a friend.

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James smith - Co-Message Board Administrator

James enjoys nothing more than to sit and play his beauties, 1 of 6 guitars.

James has lived next door to Jason since 1994. In this time, they have become very good friends.
James got into website design after Jason was asked to design a website for a karate club.
James has a website called smithart, this was hosted on the Fletcjas.com website as a sub-domain.

You can view this at http://smithjam.fletcjas.com

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Alex Parkes - Sovereign Kenya Website Administrator

Alex is a 19 year old, web designer and digital image consultant.
In his spare time Alex plays Drums, Bass and keyboard.
The rest of his time is spent working for Fletcjas.com or doing freelance work. Any enquires welcome.

You can view this at http://sovereignkenya.net

Alex's work is also hosted on FletcJas.Com

You can see this at http://alex.fletcjas.com